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Supporting the digital transformation of healthcare industry across the entire spectrum.
Unlocking digital healthcare with better insights, care, and experiences for Providers & Payors, Modalities & LifeSciences and RCM & HealthTech

Empower healthcare organisations of all sizes to re-imagine the ways they bring together people, processes and health data insights to improve care delivery. Discover healthcare provider solutions to better enable personalised care, empower care teams and improve operational outcomes within a secure and compliant environment.

Data is key to transformation, but realizing its promise requires
a holistic approach to system integration and optimization


of patients are interested in using telehealth to replace cancelled visits


of health data is unstructured and inaccessible for insights


of providers’ time spent on analytics is wasted on data ingestion and unification


is lost to data breaches every year amid security and compliance pressures

Journey of Healthcare Transforms

Azure Cloud for Healthcare improve the healthcare experience with the help of trusted and integrated capabilities. Outcomes-focused AI solutions help you innovate for the future.

Patient Engagement Increases

Every point of care and personalized experiences engage patients

Collaboration between Health Teams Improve

Connect, manage, and engage your team with tools for helping them provide the best possible care

Patient-Provider Experiences Improves

Automatic documentation of patient encounters at the point of care helps to alleviate provider burnout

Clinician Productivity Increases

Faster documentation with accurate, virtual assistant capabilities, and responsive dictation

Health Data Insights Improve

Connected data and predictive analytics to identify clinical trends gives insights to improve patient care

Secures Health Information

Protect and govern sensitive health data across systems, apps, devices, and cloud services


Why and How of FHIR?

Healthcare industry is turning to FHIR for interoperability and ease of exchanging electronic healthcare information.

Did you know that missed appointments cost the U.S. health care system more than $150 billion a year?

Predictive Analytics helps in predicting real time actionable data, the probability of patients not attending their appointment, and avoiding the unplanned outages.

Customer Spotlight

Leveraging the power of Azure for Healthcare Analytics

Trevor Kobe, President and CEO, Spravo Health, shares his vision to make Healthcare available to all by bringing the power of analytics to manage healthcare systems better.

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Increased Clinical Revenues by 10% with Azure Powered Predictive Analytics

A leading physical therapy software provider started with one idea a single platform to effectively manage full rehab therapy cycle saw an immediate surge of clinical revenues.

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Customer Spotlight

Increased Clinical Revenues by 10% with Azure Powered Predictive Analytics. They took Azure cloud with Hanu’s Machine Learning solution which predicts patient's missed appointments with 72% accuracy...

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Real-time alerts

Real-time data and monitoring are setup with rich dashboards (including mobile), process and asset-centric visualization and alerting. Alerts can be managed in a variety of ways including by alert category, level, criticality, duration, and frequency. Each alert event is also directly linked to a graphical trend for that asset that shows the event data, threshold limits, and times when the values are in alarm.

Reduce downtime, tool failure,
And maintenance demands

With the insights, organizations can avoid machine failures and unplanned downtime, increase equipment and production line productivity, and reduce maintenance costs. It could help 25%-30% reduction in maintenance costs, a 70%-75% decrease of breakdowns and a 35%-45% reduction in downtime.

Remote Maintenance

With remote and mobile asset tracking and monitoring data, one can build remote and mobile diagnostic analytics models. With remote diagnostics, it would be possible to give maintenance recommendations or information to operators that are on location to further reduce the need for field technician’s visit

Azure Cloud for Manufacturing has capabilities to support the core processes and requirements of the manufacturing industry. End-to-end manufacturing cloud solutions help securely connect people, assets, workflow, and business processes, empowering organizations to be more resilient.

Start your Predictive Maintenance journey with Hanu’s 4-week Jumpstart Program

Hanu Microsoft Gold Partner has had success in predicting the probability of patient no-shows based on AI and Machine Learning programs that have changed the game for organizations.

For this, Hanu offers a Predictive Analytics 4-Week Jumpstart Program that can drive insights into potential “No-Shows” and help mitigate the impact of missed revenue while increasing patient care and satisfaction Our Predictive Maintenance solutions combines the power of Azure Synapse and our deep industry experience for predictive equipment maintenance. Benefits and use-cases of Predictive Maintenance

  • Predict potential No Shows
  • Enable easy rescheduling recommendations
  • Increased successful appointment rates
  • Better patient outcomes

Ranked Top 5 Healthcare MSPs Expert

Hanu ranks among Top 5 Healthcare MSPs and among Top 15 Vertical Market MSPs

“Hanu’s flexible, client-centric focus, and deep knowledge of Healthcare industry applications and security and regulatory requirement sets us apart in operating 24/7 Microsoft Azure environments for Healthcare organizations”, said Dave Sasson, Chief Strategy Officer at Hanu.

4-Week Jumpstart Program

$1000s Of Dollars Saved with planned Maintenance, 30% Reduction of Maintenance Costs, 25% Improvement of Workforce Efficiency, 35% Reduction in Unplanned Downtime

Week 1

Assess data environment. Create high-level roadmap and system architecture.

Week 2 and 3

Setup Azure Infrastructure for POC. Enable data ingestion. Train Machine Learning Models and test results. Validate results and build visualizations.

Week 4

Conduct Workshop to educate team on implementation process, pain points and mitigation plan. Socialize POC results. Knowledge Transfer: Codes and all artifacts for next level references

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