Cloud strategies are subject to constant revision as technologies and processes evolve.

Hanu sets a clear path to manage cloud migration through automated and tested migration, and continuously optimizes how to tap into the power of Azure across configuration management, automation and DevOps, infrastructure and platform integration, backup and disaster recovery.

From Azure CSP to Managed Services to strategic consulting and development, Hanu has the expertise to help organizations capture the potential of their cloud strategy through discovery, decision and delivery, across each stage of their transformation.

To see through your 100% Cloud Clear Transformation path, we will help you:


Healthcare Transformation

With colocation contracts ending, hardware aging, and millions of patient healthcare hand-offs to support, Hanu has a solution to transform this healthcare provider into a healthy Cloud Clear partner.

  • Assess, plan and design a customized Azure cloud migration strategy
  • Execute a tailored migration. Trust Hanu to seamlessly assume day-to-day cloud management and monitoring activities
  • Access Azure intelligence only available through Hanu’s experts to define customization possibilities
  • Surpass prepackaged offers and partner with Hanu to optimize Azure to meet business requirements
  • Leverage Hanu as an extension of your
    in-house team
  • Get shared control and 100% clarity over a cloud infrastructure
  • Lift and shift to perpetually optimize your managed migration
  • Get permanent support from our global team, available 24×7