Get unmatched security with Windows Server and SQL Server workloads in Azure

Discover why Azure is the best cloud for your Windows Server and SQL Server workloads

Get intelligent security, faster app innovation, and unique cost savings by transitioning your on-premises Windows Server and SQL Server workloads to Azure. The Benefits of Using Azure for Windows Server and SQL Server Workloads, and see how Azure helps you:

Azure is decidedly the best option for several Windows server and SQL server workloads. Users can now take advantage of seamless hybrid capabilities, intelligent security, and unique cost savings on Azure.

Windows Server migration and SQL server migration to transfer information with relation to their companies or firms wanted to use Azure as the go-to option for their needs. More than 30% of these people preferred to use Azure to fulfil their needs of digital migration. It suggests how useful Azure is in providing the means to fulfill the needs of Windows Server migration and SQL server migration to many businesses around the world.

What features make Azure the best?

Move SQL Server workloads to Azure

Getting Value From Data

With SQL in the cloud, companies have a robust toolset with which to tap into the value of their data. Services like Azure Data Warehouse and Azure HDInsight offer easy, fast, cost-effective options for processing massive amounts of data using open-source frameworks such as Hadoop and Spark.


Healthcare Transformation

With colocation contracts ending, hardware aging, and millions of patient healthcare hand-offs to support, Hanu has a solution to transform this healthcare provider into a healthy Cloud Clear partner.


Non Profit Transformation

Hanu Migrates MS Society of Canada’s Entire IT Infrastructure to Azure Reduces IT Costs by approximately 30% in Unprecedented Public Sector Cloud Migration.

Cost Optimization

Lower Cost
All things cloud, migrating your SQL database to Azure lets you switch from a CapEx to an OpEx model. This allows organizations to shift expenses from upfront hardware expense to pay-as-you-go operational costs. Azure also offers a wide array of solutions for businesses of all sizes. Access to free open source tools can further offset any expenses incurred by cloud migration.


Superior Security
Once a concern of those looking to leverage the cloud, security has become an advantage to hosting data in the cloud. With encryption both at rest and in transit, user access control, isolated VM instances, and IPSec VPN connections, the cloud is often a more secure environment than most organization’s on-premises datacenters.


Improved Agility
Need to expand your database? In Azure, new servers can be provisioned in minutes, as opposed to the weeks it takes in an on-premises environment. Access to the suite of Azure tools, as well as open-source libraries further speed development cycles.


Easy to Maintain
Update your SQL database with SQLCMD or SQL Server Management Studio, no code required. Standard SQL is now much easier to manage without the need to write or update code.


Refocus Your IT Team Strategically
Without administrative tasks to tend to, your IT team can refocus on strategy and projects that relate to business development. With SQL in the cloud, you don’t have to set up SQL Server, apportion databases, or deal with any physical server upkeep.


Simple, Cost-Effective Migration
Using SQL Data Sync, sync your SQL server data or migrate the data to Azure without worrying about the cost of syncing terabytes of data.

Why should you choose Azure to facilitate your Windows server migration and SQL server migration?


Unmatched Security

Highly intelligent security services which are backed by thousands of cybersecurity professionals and industry-standard compliance portfolios


Unparalleled Innovation

Gives you the ability to fully manage your infrastructure and services allowing you to free up more time for creation

Cost Optimization

Unbeatable Offers

Azure offers you the lowest cost of ownership by combining unique price offers and extending security updates

Business capability

Built-in Hybrid Capabilities

    Allows for seamless integration between on-premise and cloud infrastructure on Azure

Key benefits you get if you employ SQL server migration and Windows server migration to Azure?

Security like no other

Enterprise can enjoy the ability to run their Windows server and SQL server migration with the added security that Azure provides to them. They can use the assurance to make sure that their data will never be exposed to any potential threats and that security is managed by the best professionals in the world. Azure employs more than 3500 security professionals, more than a billion dollars’ worth of annual investment in security, which helps protect, detect, and respond to threats.


Unbeatable offers

Enterprise can get significant savings with unique programs that allow them to reserve their resources in advance, reuse their existing on-premises licenses on the cloud, and get free extended security updates.

Unparalleled innovation

Users can fully manage infrastructure and services, freeing up more time to spend on creation

  • Users can get fully managed services for .NET applications along with support for popular application frameworks and advanced DevOps capabilities with the Azure App service.
  • Users can take advantage of evergreen SQL and never patch or upgrade their SQL database again with Azure SQL Database Managed Instance.
Hybrid Cloud

Built-in hybrid capabilities

Azure is the only cloud with end-to-end hybrid infrastructure, allowing you to operate seamlessly across your datacenter and the cloud. Easily connect your on-premises servers to Azure using Windows Admin Center to take advantage of backup, monitoring, disaster recovery, and cloud storage.

Why should you choose Hanu?

Hanu is a Microsoft Technology service provider that enables you to employ the best and most exclusive services at low rates. We at Hanu help you optimize your business by enabling your business to expand and work more efficiently by using tools that aid its growth.

We specialize in data center migration, application and data modernization, business continuity, continuous compliance, and data innovation.

We also deal in Artificial Intelligence data innovation, managed Azure CSP, managed integration, managed transformation, managed services, and managed DevOps. We specialize in Azure migration, working primarily in the Linux (open source) and SQL arenas.


Azure Migration

cloud migration prep

From readiness assessments to cost analysis that gives you detailed insights on your cost-management capabilities in Azure, we offer you the clearest path in Azure. From the initial point of your collaboration with us to the entire deployment of your business’s complete framework and performance optimization, you can identify and leverage all opportunities for transforming workloads.

We help you achieve scalability and complete flexibility without physical constraints of on-premise server limitations, leverage the powers of multiple data centers and redundancies to ensure continuity, customization through server configuration, and responsive load balancing to meet demand and ensure industry-standard requirements and compliance practices are met.

Azure Windows Server and SQL Server Migration Assessment

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