Your full potential in the cloud relies on our capabilities.

Proactively enable, manage and optimize your IT strategy and investment.

As a Tier 1 Direct CSP Partner expert in IT and managed services, and one of the first exclusive Azure Cloud Services Providers, we guide you through each step to secure a scalable, agile and transparent approach to your Azure experience, so you have confidence and control over a 100% Cloud Clear environment.

Optimized Management

From readiness assessments to cost analysis for deploying services in Azure, we guide through the clearest path in Azure. From your starting point, to deployment framework and performance optimization, you can identify and leverage all opportunities for transforming workloads.

Gain Clarity with a CSP

Download our CSP fact sheet for further details on how to choose a CSP and the benefits of working with Hanu.

csp scalability

Gain scalability and flexibility without physical constraints of on-premise server limitations

Leverage the powers of multiple data centers and redundancies to ensure continuity

DRaaS healthcare

Customization through server configuration and responsive load balancing to meet demand

csp security

Ensure industry-recommended security requirements and compliance practices are met