Predictive Analytics

Jumpstart With Azure Synapse
Why is predictive analytics important?

Organizations are turning to predictive analytics to help solve difficult problems and uncover new opportunities.

Predictive analytics has rocketed at the top of the boardroom agenda, with companies envisioning value across functional domains and enterprise-wide processes. However, these companies still find it a challenge to make predictive analytics work for them due to their legacy & siloed IT infrastructure, capability gap to unlock the power of data to solve critical business problems, and the complexities involved in moving to a new environment


Developing An Effective

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Predictive Analytics in
Today's World

With predictive analytics, you can go beyond learning what happened and why to discovering insights about the future. Learn how predictive analytics shapes the world we live in.

Benefits of predictive analytics

Predictive analytics makes looking into the future more accurate and reliable than previous tools. As such it can help adopters find ways to save and earn money. Retailers often use predictive models to forecast inventory requirements, manage shipping schedules and configure store layouts to maximize sales. Airlines frequently use predictive analytics to set ticket prices reflecting past travel trends.

Deliver on your predictive analytics vision, fast

Learn the art and science behind predictive analytics. Join this four week live interactive workshop and learn from the experts. How to leverage predictive analytics for your organization today?

Your 4-Step Predictive Analytics Success Journey

Our team of certified specialists will guide you through a 4-week engagement to accelerate your predictive analytics journey with Azure Synapse Analytics


  • Assess data environment.
  • Create high-level roadmap and system architecture.


  • Setup Azure Infrastructure for POC.
  • Enable data ingestion.
  • Train Machine Learning Models and test results.
  • Validate results and build visualizations.


  • Conduct Workshop to educate team on implementation
    process, pain points and mitigation plan.
  • Socialize POC results.
  • Knowledge Transfer: Codes and all artifacts for next level

We Are Driving Meaningful Outcomes

Global Pharmaceutical Company

Detected system failures and rectified issues by building ML models on its historical data and leveraging the power of Synapse Analytics.

Major American Consumer Goods Company

Modernized data infrastructure with a consolidated repository solution utilizing Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Lake, and in-built ML models.

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Consult Our Experts

Get one-to-one guidance from our Azure cloud experts to accelerate your Predictive Analytics Journey