Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource

FHIR Jumpstart Program

Interoperability and Patient Access final rule has made it mandatory for Payors to put patients first by giving them access to their health information. This rule is focused on patient data using CMS to regulate MA, Medicaid, CHIP, and QHP issuers on the FFEs. CMS-regulated payors must facilitate enhanced data sharing by exchanging data with other payers at the patient’s request.

Hanu’s FHIR Jumpstart program will get you started with the necessary infrastructure, enablement, and knowledge transfer. With this 3-phase program, you can create multitude of future use-cases and adhering to regulatory compliance for data exchange, SMART App Development, and Advanced Analytics.

3-Phase FHIR Jumpstart Program Includes

Phase 1- Assessment

  • Data source assessment for FHIR resources
  • Identifying schema changes required for compliance with FHIR
  • Identify security and privacy requirements
  • Design and roadmap for interoperability adaptation

Phase 2- Implementation

  • Transform and ingest data into Azure FHIR data store
  • MS Azure FHIR Provisioning
  • Continuous data integration with Azure FHIR data store
  • Securing the FHIR APIs through SMART
  • Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Phase 3- Manage or Transfer

Speak with our Azure Cloud for Healthcare expert for a consulting hour on the most effective strategy for your digital transformation journey.