• "There's just so much I don't need to focus on, which lets me stay a lot more focused on building our product and selling our business."

    Co-Founder, COO & CTO, NY-Based Consumer Electronics Company
  • "Hanu is a team of consummate professionals, thought leaders and subject matter experts. They are committed to total quality management and are always looking for ways to make us a better company through the enhancement of our products and services."

    Jennifer Marcy General Manager, Arbita
  • "It is refreshing to have development partners who simply get the job done. The way they communicate throughout the process creates a level of comfort as though they are down the hall working in your outer office."

    CEO, CA-Based Media & Entertainment ISV
  • "We now have a flexible development model that incorporates internal and external resources that delivers a significant competitive advantage."

    Vladimir Bien President, ETRAC
  • "In our search for an off-shore development company, I was able to get a true understanding of Hanu’s philosophies, dedication, and honesty. This provided our company with all the information we needed to make a clear choice who would have our business. I am 100 percent confident we have made the right choice."

    Jared Dalto Founder & CEO, Seawinds Realty, Inc.
  • "Hanu continues to deliver on their promise to execute the transactional tasks necessary to sustain our business. Their diligence and transparent communication has empowered my team to focus on more strategic initiatives with the comfort that Hanu is reliable and accountable."

    RPO Practice Manager, Midwest RPO Firm
  • "We appreciate their commitment. We can count on them to do what needs to be done. We can give them direction and they jump right on it and follow through."

    Stephanie Ralston Senior Director E-Recruiting Solutions, Bernard Hodes Group
  • "Hanu stood out in the way they handled a small test run for us. Every time we got together, I heard four or five more reasons why we should migrate to the Cloud, and it was always about Microsoft Azure. I quickly saw how the range of data storage and infrastructure services with Window Azure made it the right choice for us."

    David Pisanick VP Technology, Food Service Solutions
  • "We worked with Hanu to move our business-critical workloads running on Windows Sever to VMs in Azure. We are saving approximately 30% in cost and best of all, we can now focus entirely on innovation."

    Paul Athaide Senior Manager, Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada