The current scale of disruption in technology is unprecedented.

Creating huge opportunities and risks for all players, new DevOps business models are extending beyond application development to encompass application operations and IT infrastructure.

Creating a 100% Cloud-Based System

Working with PaperClip, Hanu created a 100% cloud-based document management system that enables them to save up to 80% on document digitization for its clients.

Internet of Things business applications are ready for adoption

Enterprise IoT growth will vastly increase demand for the compute-and-storage infrastructure, augmenting demand for hyperscale resources and IoT-specific PaaS solutions. IoT involves increasing visibility into operations, optimizing tasks, or assisting with the development of new business models. Edge solutions drive information processing at the device or gateway level, rather than the cloud or a data center, reducing latency and dependencies.

How will you manage in the new Edge transformation?

Artificial intelligence and machine-learning-optimized stacks

Artificial intelligence is delivering benefits to companies across industries. The new wave of AI, including increased computation power and availability of sophisticated algorithms and models, is accelerating the pace of new customized cloud solutions. As enterprises gain increased access to leading-edge AI and machine-learning technologies, automation will increase and data volume will explode with network devices collecting billions of gigabytes every day.

How do you build AI and machine-learning capabilities into your enterprises?

Container deployment for development

Containerization growth has been occurring in tandem with the rise of micro-service architecture—the development of software applications in small, independent units. Containers are on the path to overtake virtual machines and become the primary unit of deployment in the cloud. Container technologies enable developer velocity by providing a robust test environment that can be constructed in minutes, yielding flexible sandboxes from just keystrokes.

How can you adopt containerization for your development teams?