Around 50% of the virtual machines in Azure run on Linux. Now you can manage your Linux workloads securely with on Azure.

Microsoft Azure helps organizations overcome cloud computing challenges that they face by. With Azure, you get support for common Linux distributions that include Ubuntu, Red Hat, CoreOS, SUSE, CentOS, Debian, and Oracle Linux. Users can also create their own Linux virtual machines (VMs) and can deploy and run containers in Kubernetes. There are several advantages to using Linux through Azure migration.

Why should you go for Azure migration? 

Get more choices with cloud

Azure maximizes your existing investments and provides you with support for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) on Linux, PHP Web application platforms, and Java.

Technologies that work well together with each other adds more value

Complement what you have already built with the help of Azure. With the help of Azure active directory or Cloud-powered insights through Azure Data Lake Analytics, augment your open-source application.


IT Transformation

Hanu helps leading education software provider Campus Management to modernize and consolidate global data centers with zero downtime


Non Profit Transformation

Hanu Migrates MS Society of Canada’s Entire IT Infrastructure to Azure Reduces IT Costs by approximately 30% in Unprecedented Public Sector Cloud Migration.


Let us go forward, together. Save money and improve efficiency by migrating existing workloads to Azure.


Optimize costs and migrate with confidence

Save money with the most cost-effective offers for Windows Server and SQL Server. Confidently migrate your workloads to Azure with best practices, expert guidance, and cost optimization tools.


Stay secure and resilient across hybrid environments

Protect workloads across your hybrid environments with intelligent security services backed by 3,500 cybersecurity professionals. Use built-in resiliency to avoid costly business interruptions.

Cost Optimization

Scale your workloads and applications on demand

Increase agility with best-in-class Azure infrastructure that scales to your business needs. Reduce operational burden with fully managed application and database services in Azure.

Move All Your Resources To Azure

Drive your application


Simplify the migration of on-premises virtual machines (VMs) running on Windows or Linux servers to Azure. Choose to migrate to Azure IaaS directly, or easily extend your VMware environment natively on Azure with Azure VMware Solutions.



Enable seamless migrations with minimal downtime from multiple database sources—including SQL Server, MySQL, and Cassandra—to Azure data platforms.


Web apps

Spend more time creating value for your customers and less time and resources on managing infrastructure by bringing your web applications running .NET or PHP to Azure.








Business capability

Secure and manage

cloud migration prep

From readiness assessments to cost analysis that gives you detailed insights on your cost-management capabilities in Azure, we offer you the clearest path in Azure. From the initial point of your collaboration with us to the entire deployment of your business’s complete framework and performance optimization, you can identify and leverage all opportunities for transforming workloads.

We help you achieve scalability and complete flexibility without physical constraints of on-premise server limitations, leverage the powers of multiple data centers and redundancies to ensure continuity, customization through server configuration, and responsive load balancing to meet demand and ensure industry-standard requirements and compliance practices are met.

When it comes to Azure migration, what benefits do you get?

Innovate with the sense of confidence

Users can avoid the great amount of time required for Linux environment preparation and focus more on performing their tasks using the operating system. Also, spend less time on administrative tasks by using this operating system and streamline the creation of a fully governed environment with Azure migration.

  • With the help of Azure Blueprints, you can streamline the creation of fully governed environments.
  • With Azure IP Advantage Program, protect your intellectual property and digital assets.

Secure your intellectual property with industry-leading technologies

Annually, Microsoft invests around USD 1 billion on cloud security and employs more than 3500+ security experts. So, you can easily run your Linux workloads on the Azure Cloud platform.

  • Protect your Linux cloud workload by built-in controls for identity, data, networking, and security management.
  • With built-in controls for networking, data, identity, and security management, you can protect your Linux cloud workloads. With Azure Security Center, you can detect threats, follow recommendations to respond to threats, and gain insights into your security state and compliance.
  • With Azure Sentinel, you can speed up your threat response time by simplifying security operations.

Industry-leading hybrid options

With Azure Stack, you can also build a consistent hybrid cloud by integrating your on-premises and cloud environment.

You can connect your cloud and on-premises services while also improving the upload and download speeds of the users’ hybrid high-performance computing workloads and using high-speed data storage and data center migration from Avere vFXT for Azure.


Why should you choose Hanu?

Hanu is a Microsoft Technology service provider that enables you to employ the best and most exclusive services at low rates. We at Hanu help you optimize your business by enabling your business to expand and work more efficiently by using tools that aid its growth.

We specialize in data center migration, application and data modernization, business continuity, continuous compliance, and data innovation.

We also deal in Artificial Intelligence data innovation, managed Azure CSP, managed integration, managed transformation, managed services, and managed DevOps. We specialize in Azure migration, working primarily in the Linux (open source) and SQL arenas.


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