A Microsoft Partner for over 20 years, a Tier I CSP Partner and an Azure Expert Managed Service Provider exclusively dedicated to Azure migration and integration, Hanu supports enterprises with unequalled intelligence and expertise providing Managed Transformation, Application Modernization and Enterprise IT Innovation.

Hanu sets a clear path to manage cloud migration through automated and tested migration, and continuously optimizes how to tap into the power of Azure across configuration management, automation and DevOps, infrastructure and platform integration, back up and disaster recovery.

From a single application to an entire portfolio, Hanu provides the expertise required to modernize applications, so enterprises can accelerate time-to-market and reduce development costs. From holistic, cloud-native architecture, flexible data stores, or built-in monitoring capabilities, we will help you clarify how to power and protect your organization.

The scale of disruption in technology is unprecedented, creating huge opportunities and risks for all players. New DevOps business models are extending beyond application development to encompass application operations and IT infrastructure.