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Leveraging the power of Azure for Healthcare Analytics

Trevor Kobe, President and CEO, Spravo Health, shares his vision to make Healthcare available to all by bringing the power of analytics to manage healthcare systems better.

Azure is the core component supporting Spravo technology, hence making it inevitable to work with a cloud services partner who understands Azure extensively. Spravo trusts Hanu as an expert Azure partner who has helped them build the right technology landscape and negotiated the best pricing.

Spravo has been able to bring scalability to their clients, who can now add massive amount of data for a new project or incorporate new hospitals onto the platform. With Hanu, Spravo has been able to leverage Azure to its fullest capacity. Trevor said “(With Azure) Every dollar is made sure to bring value to our clients. We do this so that health systems can focus on patient experiences, improving the health of population and reducing the cost of healthcare.”

Spravo Health is a leading provider of data and analytics technology and services to healthcare organizations. They offer pre-built, fully configurable and scalable reporting and analytics solutions. Their vision is a world where the best healthcare is available to everyone because they are willing to disrupt the status quo with data-driven decisions.