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Accelerate innovation with Azure

Moving Windows Server and SQL workloads to Azure provide flexible, scalable, and highly available cloud infrastructure. It also supports rapid innovation and digital transformation, freeing you to innovate. This infographic presents the benefits of running Windows Server and SQL Server on Azure.

Highly secure and compliant

Enterprises already choose Windows Server and SQL Server for their proven security and compliance capabilities. Today, they’re discovering that Azure simplifies the implementation of a comprehensive, modern security posture.

Azure delivers multiple layers of security, including the secure foundation of our physical data centers, operational best practices, and engineering processes that follow industry-standard guidelines.



Designed for innovation

Speeding novel solutions to market is a key reason for migrating to the cloud. Achieving this goal requires freeing IT and development talent from mundane management tasks. You also need flexible, scalable, and highly available cloud infrastructure as a foundation. Windows Server and SQL workloads on Azure meet these needs, supporting increased agility and rapid innovation.

Intelligent databases that are always up to date

Choosing Azure for SQL opens other new possibilities, as well. For example, you can host larger SQL databases than any other cloud with Azure SQL Database Hyperscale, a highly scalable service tier for SQL databases that adapts on-demand to your workload’s needs. With features such as these, you spend less time managing your database and more time delivering innovative solutions.

Simplified enterprise governance

Azure provides a consistent policy platform that enables you to efficiently define and apply security policies across your subscriptions or management groups at scale with Azure Policy. Creating pre-configured subscriptions that conform to your organization’s policies and requirements can be accomplished quickly using Azure Blueprints. With Azure Management Groups, you can apply policies with flexible hierarchies to multiple subscriptions. And, you can maintain visibility into your resources using Azure Resource Graph inventory management. All these capabilities are included as part of Azure Governance capabilities

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