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SAP on Azure CloudSAP is a staple for enterprises around the world, helping to manage growth, innovation, complexities, and opportunities. By now, your organization might already have dedicated infrastructure for your SAP applications. With all the buzz around digital transformation, is SAP on Azure right for your business?

Why Migrate to the Cloud?

Cloud migrations have become extremely popular in recent years. But make no mistake – this is not a fad. The substantial number of organizations migrating their SAP applications to the cloud are proof that the cloud is here to stay. Specifically, the Azure Cloud is becoming a foundation of enterprise IT infrastructure.

There is no shortage of tangible benefits to moving your SAP applications to the cloud:

Growing Pains are a Thing of the Past

The cloud allows your application to scale up or down to meet demand quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. With the ability to use the “as-a-service” capabilities of the cloud for your software, platform, or infrastructure, Azure enables you to tailor the cloud to your needs.

Get it Done with Azure

SAP on Azure provides capabilities that can’t be found on other cloud services providers. These business-enhancing capabilities include integration with Office 365, the application of Azure Machine Learning to SAP data, easy visualization creation using Microsoft Analytics and Insights for SAP, the use of Outlook to send email approvals, and a simplified search and discovery process with SharePoint.

Security and Compliance for the Paranoid

Microsoft’s Azure Cloud is an industry leader in infrastructure security and compliance coverage. This commitment to data privacy allows even the most heavily regulated companies the ability to use the cloud for both live systems and historical data.

0-to-100 in Minutes

The cloud allows your organization to innovate at new speeds by removing lengthy hardware acquisitions. Your environments, their failovers, and all your virtual machines (VMs) can be spun up or down in a matter of minutes, letting your teams begin their developments immediately.

Agile Innovation Meets Infrastructure

SAP on Azure provides a limitless amount of flexibility to your application infrastructure. Whether it be test environments or new projects, resources can be created and destroyed virtually, removing the need to acquire, setup, and maintain any on-premise hardware. This has the benefit of shifting your organization from a costly CapEx model to an OpEx model.

Do I Need a Managed Service Provider?

A migration of critical enterprise infrastructure can be daunting, to say the least. Unlike other enterprise IT projects, schedule delays and implementation bugs could halt your entire operation. A managed service provider that specializes in migrations to the Azure Cloud can ensure your SAP migration is successful.

To learn more about the benefits and best practices for migrating SAP applications to the Azure Cloud, download our whitepaper.