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Hanu was started 19 years back with a conviction and commitment to deliver 100% scalability, transparency, and agility to guide with a clear path to explore the future of cloud technologies. Hanu has always believed in the potential of cloud technologies and its impact on the digital transformation of businesses. We have moved from being a team of 4 people working in a small office in Princeton to a global network of 500+ rockstars. Over last two amazing decades, a lot has changed but 800+ Azure engagements and multiple expert MSP recognitions confirm to us that we are on the right track.

Each day we witness the same passion and belief from our partners, customers and rockstars. This is the story of One such rockstar- Aditi Jain who did not want to settle for the norm but believed in the promise of cloud technologies.

How did Hanu happen to you?

I started my career at a large MNC as a fresh engineer excited to dive into the world of technology. Unfortunately, the reality hit soon as I found no joy in rigorously churning out same thing every day and the pressure of constant deadlines. I could not see myself building a career doing that.

To change the course of my career, I decided to look for better opportunities, and then I came across Hanu’s Azure Academy (HAA) which introduced me to the world of cloud technology. Those 4 weeks of training made me realize that you can learn, have fun and love every part of it while doing it. That helped me prepare the foundation of my cloud journey. Over and above that I met the best of my colleagues and made some close friends through the program.

After graduating from Hanu Azure Academy, I joined Hanu as a Cloud engineer. And then there was no looking back.

Tell us about your journey at Hanu.

When I was part of HAA, I was learning, working, and training with people who were equally passionate and extremely hard working. Out of the class of 30, 6 of us were fortunate to join Hanu as full-time rockstars.

We joined Hanu, in 2018, under Apurva Kadakia’s leadership. Within months, I was getting exposed to real problems and was training on industry nuances. I was no more chasing a deadline or just replicating something that was already done. I had a freedom to think and put forth my opinion.

3 years later, I have grown from a cloud engineer working in a team of 4 to a Cloud Solutions Specialist leading a team of cloud experts. Today, I still start my day with the same excitement that I had when I graduated from Hanu Azure Academy.


Hanu is known for its culture. Everyone at Hanu is addressed as ‘Rockstar’. What are your views about Hanu’s culture?

At the risk of sounding clichéd, I would say Hanu feels like family. Everyone here is warm, respectable and, happy in general. Everyone is appreciated for the part they play. There is no work that goes unacknowledged.

As part of Hanu, I am constantly growing as an individual. I am consistently encouraged to envision our career growth plans and to plan for skills needed through it. Hanu believes in Kaizen which ensures that every rockstar gets 16 hours of self-learning in a quarter. They have sponsored access to online courses like coursera, udemy, etc. and to numerous technology networks like WIT.

Hanu encourages a culture of sharing and conversations. People here are open for dialogue and are ready to try new things irrespective of where the idea comes from. I am confident that I can openly voice my opinion with any level, and it would not go unheard.

This culture of trust extends to our customers as well. We make an effort to view the problems from their perspective and bring solutions from the best of our talent. Our customers are a strong testimony of how great culture build long-term relationships. We proudly believe that we are customer obsessed.

They say- ‘The only way to do great work is to love what you do’. You will sense that love and pride in every rockstar around here.

Apurva Kadakia endearingly remarks “Aditi’s hunger to excel and passion to deliver wow experience to our customers have surpassed our expectations. We are honored to have her as part of the Hanu family and we see a future leader in her.”

Aditi’s success journey at Hanu is of one among many that inspire to lead with a dream and work towards it. Hear more of such inspiring stories in our series of Rockstar Diaries.