White Papers

Recently, Citrix and Microsoft joined forces to enable the seamless cloud scalability of Citrix environments through the Microsoft Azure Cloud. To accomplish this, Citrix and Microsoft have introduced XenDesktop Essentials and XenApp Essentials. Both solutions are Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDIs) for Azure, replacing Microsoft’s RemoteApp.

  • XenDesktop Essentials enables organizations to provision virtual Windows 10 instances as-a-service using their existing software licenses.
  • XenApp Essentials lets companies deploy Windows 10 Enterprise images on Azure.

XenDesktop and XenApp are intended to offer a simplified method for deploying Windows 10 virtual desktops in Azure for organizations who have licensed Windows 10 Enterprise on a per-user basis. These users will be able to manage their Windows 10 images on Azure XenDesktop, which can be managed by the Citrix Cloud.

This white paper offers an overview of the compelling reasons organizations are moving Citrix to Azure, followed by some tips and best practices for performing the migration.