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A personalized customer journey helps businesses understand their customers and what they want. The internet is flooded with information and unless people are interested, they won’t stay long on a website. The good news is that it has never been easier to analyze data, even from disparate sources. It’s all a matter of knowing how to choose the right metrics, how to segment results, and how to use them intelligently to serve customers better.

Although many businesses use CRM software, many solutions lack effective tools for intelligent data analysis, especially when it comes to helping determine who among their existing customers should be targeted with an offer or promotion. Often, organizations can’t answer questions like: What should I promote? When do people buy from me? From where do my customers buy? Why do they buy from me and not my competition?

Effective data analysis is the key to successful marketing and most importantly, increasing sales. That’s because there are usually multiple ways to tackle a customer problem or opportunity. Microsoft Azure can help businesses generate better insights into customer needs, behaviors, and opportunities by analyzing data from multiple sources.

A personalized customer journey with Azure

Creating a personalized customer journey with Azure enables companies to improve their customer experience while driving business impact. Azure provides a proven multi-tenant cloud platform that combines data and analytics with machine learning, AI, natural language processing (NLP), web capabilities, and IoT intelligence to help create a single view of the customer. Having a holistic view of customers across channels is no longer an option but a necessity to win in the marketplace of today.

A personalized journey is a tailored set of digital interactions that reflect the specific interests and needs of an individual customer. With personalization, companies can proactively deliver highly relevant content and experiences at each step in the customer’s lifecycle.

Personalized journeys automatically adapt to real-time changes in customers’ behaviors and preferences so they are always up to date, enabling businesses to interact with customers exactly when it matters most. Organizations often use different channels for reaching their customers, such as websites, mobile apps, email campaigns, social media posts, on which they may want to deliver multiple messages with varying degrees of personalization. They may also want an integrated view into what messages were delivered and where, for example, to gain insights into how many sign-ups resulted from social media versus paid advertising.

A single view for data and analytics

Whether it’s analyzing web traffic or understanding individual purchase patterns, having deep insights and rich information about every detail along the customer journey requires powerful solutions on demand. Partnering with external providers creates silos and limits opportunities to deliver tailored experiences to customers. Azure provides a flexible cloud platform that allows businesses to use best-in-class tools together to create one seamless experience spanning all touchpoints.

With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies like machine learning, powerful predictive analysis capabilities can be applied to every aspect of an organization, including sales forecasting and personalizing the customer experience. But this only works when companies can connect the dots across multiple systems in a flexible way.

Make decisions from real-time data and integrate insights into customer journeys

Azure enables businesses to streamline workflows that span organizations, departments, channels, systems, and countries. Take the guesswork out of the customer journey with a platform that’s designed to make complex business processes simpler. With flexible capabilities such as custom rules in Logic App and Batch Analysis in Azure Stream Analytics, plus powerful APIs, it becomes possible to automate intelligent decisions based on real-time data.

Azure can be used to automate complex business processes that span multiple systems, providers and countries. Be it managing risk across entities or analyzing campaign effectiveness at global scale, it becomes a breeze to perform these activities with Azure’s open architecture combined with its automation capabilities.

Azure can help analyze billions of records in near real-time against custom definitions of business rule logic. With Azure Stream Analytics employees can run powerful queries against streaming data and create sophisticated analytics that go well beyond mere counting events. Use Batch Analysis for SQL (or just SQL) to process large sets of historical data efficiently without having to worry about infrastructure provisioning or maintenance tasks, such as extracting only new records when needed, or managing full-text indexes to support search.

Enable the intelligent enterprise with Azure

Intelligence is the key to business success in today’s world. Enterprises that embrace intelligent applications will have a decisive advantage over competitors who don’t. Businesses are using cognitive computing to automate manual tasks, generate reports, find better patterns and relationships, and drive decision support across their organizations. Cognitive solutions continue to evolve as machine learning systems and other AI-based tools become more sophisticated. Azure can be used to build and host cognitive apps of all types, including IAAS (infrastructure as a service), PAAS (platform as a service).

Microsoft’s vision is to create seamless experiences across applications deployed on-premises or in the public cloud and for devices or services that enterprises bring into their private cloud environments.

Digitalize and personalize every business process

Customers want to interact with businesses in a way that fits their unique needs. They want personalized experiences delivered at the right time, on the right channel, including digital channels such as mobile or social media. That’s why enterprise IT organizations need solutions that help companies automate multiple processes end-to-end across desktop, web, mobile apps and more. These systems will enable enterprises to design applications for any device. And they’ll make employees’ everyday lives easier by connecting them to relevant information inside of their daily workflows. With Azure, business processes can be made smarter by connecting systems and data sources to build intelligent interactions.

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