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This past week, Microsoft released four playbooks to help round out their content surrounding the Azure platform and their offerings. Lucky for Hanu, because of our expertise and extensive knowledge on the platform, Microsoft chose us as one of their partners to consult with in the publication of these playbooks. The tech community is loving these playbooks, and there have been several mentions of both content and Hanu in the media. Read CRN’s “epic” article about the release here and check out what our Chief Strategy Officer, Dave Sasson had to say about the significance of these playbooks in TechTarget’s write up on the release below, and for the full article as well as a link to download the content from Microsoft, click here.


Dave Sasson, chief strategy officer at Hanu, a Microsoft Azure partner based in Princeton, N.J., that also contributed to Microsoft’s cloud practice development effort, said he was “pleasantly surprised at the amount of resources and information available to partners” in the Microsoft playbooks.

“Sometimes it is hard to keep up with all the information Microsoft publishes to partners, and these playbooks help bring some welcome order and processes that help partners like Hanu make their clients’ cloud journey more successful,” he said.

Sasson said the playbooks are a great resource for established Microsoft Cloud partners such as Hanu, as well as new partners.

“The step-by-step approach will be extremely helpful to partners, as well as a way to help partners navigate through many of the resources available,” he said.