Track and Manage Your Azure Spend

InSight is your dashboard to manage VMs, allocate quotas and track consumption for business units and projects.

Simply download to gain visibility and better allocate the distribution of your cloud resources.

Streamlined Governance

IT governance is critical. Keep all cloud-based virtual machines (VMs) and development projects fully structured to meet your regulatory compliance and audit policies with InSight.

Our VM lifecycle management and time-bound provisioning tools help you enforce policies and optimize cloud usage.

Integrated User Management

Active Directory gives you security control over who can access your on-site network, and what resources they have the right to use.

Insight makes it easy to combine both Active Directory for Azure and Azure-based environments, without duplicating users or directory structures, even third-party ones.

Identify Wasteful Spending

Since Azure billing is consumption-based, you can monitor underutilized virtual machines consumption and consolidate into fewer virtual machines.

InSight provides the 100% clarity to identify underutilized virtual machines, making it quick and easy to significantly save on your Azure spend.

Departmental Chargeback Tracking

Only pay for what you use. Set quotas by project or department. Track consumption to stay on budget. InSight manages allocation and consumption through detailed reports.

Self-Service IT

Review your project’s history or provide a clear audit trail, our self-provisioning portal enables your organization’s 100% Cloud Clear experience.