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Can We Eliminate Our Data Center?

Back in 2010 when we all walked into that first meeting introducing what was then Windows Azure, we never dreamed we’d eventually be hearing that question. Customers had many questions as to what the service was exactly, how did it work. You could feel the cautious skepticism buried beneath the obvious excitement.

Next Phase of the Journey

Today we are still in the infant stages of the cloud adoption lifecycle, but already we see clients that we’ve been working with for a few years, going big with Cloud. We’ve helped them with their proof-of-concept projects, their pilot programs, and in many cases their full rollout of Azure. Now they’re telling us that the lease on their data center is coming up for renewal, and they’ll be due for an equipment refresh at the same time.

They want to know if they can cancel the lease and avoid the investment in new equipment.

Another CIO of a large enterprise in the healthcare industry, had us deploy a new third-party application on Azure. They now tell us they were so happy they chose Azure that they want us to move their entire application portfolio onto it. We’re currently developing their migration roadmap.

This tells us that they are now confident and comfortable running mission critical applications on Azure. What an amazing journey from those early questions to these exciting next steps.

A Happy Tsunami

The waters are churning. More and more companies are catching the wave, so much so that it is becoming a very happy tsunami ready to take the IT world by storm. Gartner recently predicted that, by 2020, the “cloud shift” will affect more than $1 Trillion in IT spending. Catch that wave with us.

Start Planning NOW

Start now to take inventory of all IT operations, applications, workloads and user communities. You’ll need this analysis to form your cloud transition roadmap sooner than you think.

How much will it cost the next time you refresh the equipment and services in your data center? How much would you save by moving all of it to Azure?

We’d be glad to help you with the answers, feel free to reach out to me at with your queries.