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These attacks are happening on a massive scale, and they’re not going to stop any time soon. They seek out the vulnerable and hold their data for ransom. Here’s how to make sure that you are not the vulnerable.

“Survival of the fittest,” is a very good way to describe what we’re experiencing with ransomware attacks on the global scale of WannaCry, Petya, Goldeneye and others yet to come.

These attacks scan the internet seeking vulnerable servers. When they find one, they encrypt all the data on the drive making them useless to their owners unless they have the encryption key. The attackers then issue a ransom demand. Pay them and they’ll give you the key. Don’t pay them, and your data is lost to you.

They Seek the Path of Least Resistance

More than three-quarters of internet attacks are not targeted at any particular company or individual. They simply scan for the easiest servers to compromise. The servers they attack may be physical servers in a company’s office, or they may be virtual machines (VM) hosted anywhere.

You are not safe unless you are making sure you’re safe. That means you keep a check on the following to ensure a proactive position –

  1. Latest Critical Security Patches Deployed for All Your Systems and Applications
  2. Latest Virus Scan Engine and Virus Definitions are up to date

Our experience with all of our Managed Services clients has been that these attacks are better prevented ahead of time with constant and proactive vigil.

Your Safest Solution is Vigilance

Hanu is best known as the premier provider of systems and security management for Microsoft Azure subscribers. We’ve seen the awful results of these attacks working with companies that have come to us after they’ve been attacked. It is all too clear that the attacks will keep on coming and the only way to deter them is to assure that VMs, applications, and operating systems are constantly kept current and security monitoring is always in place to catch and stop attacks at their start.

Know Your Vulnerability and Protect Your Data

You need to know just how vulnerable you are, and Hanu is here to help. Please call our 24×7 Azure Hotline at 609-917-3505 and speak with our experts who will be able to assess your exposure and help you determine what actions need to be taken to secure your data. There is no charge and no obligation for this call.

To learn more about what Hanu can do for you, please view our brief video, How This CIO Slept Soundly During the WannaCry Ransomware Attack.