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Modern Managed Services— to help you identify
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Spend is reduced with application and cloud modernization


Increased cloud adoption is driving the need to be better organized and governed


The Cloud is now perceived as an asset in fighting evolving threats

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Cost Optimization

Complimentary Quarterly 15-Point Cost Optimization Inspection

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Complimentary Quarterly Security Scorecard Analysis

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80 Hours of Consulting Services to be used toward any App/Data Migration/Modernization/Innovation Project
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Digital Transformation & Modernization Challenges

The Cloud is key to helping your business stay current, but you can’t just implement it and leave it alone. It requires
constant management to ensure that you’re not missing anything, whether it’s the latest updates or addressing
potential security concerns. However, there are challenges associated with cloud management.


Staying up to date with the constantly changing Cloud


Transforming IT operations to support the dynamic nature of the Cloud


Avoiding potentially costly cloud sprawl with careful cost management


Governing the usage of the Cloud and its resources

Leverage Your Cloud Journey with AZUREWOW

Hanu helps you to fully embrace the power and cost benefits of cloud computing, data backup and storage, and cost optimization to develop leading-edge products and services in your desired multi‑cloud environment

We Create Unique Experiences

Facilitate Your Cloud Transformation with Improved Availability, Cloud Spend Management and Dedicated Support, With AZUREWOW, you have unparalleled innovation, global expansion, IT flexibility along with security, stability, and reliability in the cloud.


Get more than simply incident solution service. We’re proactive on your behalf, keeping a close eye on your environment and systems


We are cloud experts, and our core focus is making sure our clients get the most from their cloud initiatives.

Azure MSP-

It assures you that we have an expansive knowledge of Microsoft Azure, are abreast of the most recent updates, and meet a strict set of requirements
set forth by Microsoft.

Go Faster

Understand Cloud performance and usage

Increase Security

Maintain a secure and well-managed Cloud

Reduce Spend

Save 10-30% through Cloud optimization

Focus and Innovation

Allow internal resources to do what they do best

We Use Our Focused Set Of Capabilities To Build Great Experiences

We are committed to customers success from start to finish. Our input helps make their solutions stand out from the crowd.

Many organizations have not migrated their workloads to the Cloud, because it can be difficult to know where to start. Develop your Azure strategy and benefit from an Azure environment that is optimized for your business needs through improved availability, cost control and dedicated support.


Customer Success Story

Customer Spotlight: Church & Dwight

Joe Testa, Director of Cloud Transformation and Infrastructure, at Church & Dwight, explains the cost savings the company has achieved migrating workloads to Microsoft Azure, including Windows Server workloads and leveraging the Azure Hybrid Benefit.

Hanu and PaperClip Go 100% Cloud Clear With Azure

With the majority of clients increasingly demanding a 100% secure, cloud-based document management system, PaperClip needed a secure platform solution to help their clients migrate to document digitization, solving operational problems and overhead associated with document management.

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Switching to Hanu's AZUREWOW can immediately save you 15% or more on your next Azure bill