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About the Client:

Our client is a leading global lodging company with nearly 4,500 properties in 87 countries and territories. 

Project Overview:

  • The development and implementation of a virtual desktop infrastructure solution utilizing Azure. 
  • Providing Tier 1 support for the client’s Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

Project Details:

The client asked Hanu to develop a virtual desktop infrastructure that included the following features:

  • Self Service Portal Development
  • A Portal for End Users to Request an Automated Build of a Single Desktop Based on a Catalog of Configurations
  • Maintain the Service Catalog
  • Integrate with Active Directory for Authentication and Authorization
  • Create new desktops en masse and on an individual basis by using the golden images, which are either provided by the client or created as needed.
  • Configuration of desktops and apps based on the client’s direction.

In addition to the virtual desktop infrastructure, the client also partnered with Hanu to provide Tier 1 support for their Microsoft Azure Infrastructure.

This includes managed services for 200 reservation desktops or Developer Desktops.

The Solution:

The client’s new Virtual desktop is unique and built on our existing HanuInsight framework. HanuInsight is one of the leading Azure Marketplace apps and has been installed by 200+ clients across the globe.

Why Hanu?

What set Hanu apart in this case is our architecture and design in addition to our team’s technical ability. We were able to meet the project needs quickly because of our already existing framework as well as revolutionize the existing framework. 

Top Objection and How Hanu Overcame It:

The client was concerned about how Hanu’s current tool would integrate with their framework. Understanding this concern, Hanu worked on and exposed the API to integrate with the client’s framework seamlessly. 

Current Project Status:

Currently the application is in development phase and it can be moved to production in 3 months.

Next we will be utilizing this VDI application and users to create the VM’s which will be managed by the Hanu Managed Services (HMA) team. 

For more information on Hanu and what Hanu can do for your clients, please contact Sam Ibrahim,